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Platform — FTB-1


Modular system for fast and powerful FTTx (FTTH and FTTN), Ethernet, TDM and multiservice applications.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • Connects anywhere: USB, 3G, Wi-Fi, VPN and Bluetooth
  • Loaded with utilities: All the tools required to maximize field testing, plus third-party applications
  • Like a PC: Intel processor with Windows Embedded Standard operating system
  • EXFO Connect-compatible: Automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database
  • GPS capabilities: Accurate coordinates under the same conditions as a regular satellite GPS receiver


Adapted for Dedicated Applications. Dedicated to Helping You Adapt.

Thanks to its small format, ultra-powerful processing and highly intuitive interface, the FTB-1 is optimized to allow field technicians to carry out dedicated FTTHEthernet and multiservice test applications simply and efficiently.

Copper Loop Qualification

Combining advanced wideband copper test capabilities with SmartRTM features, while enabling automatic analysis and location of broadband cable faults, the FTB-610 is the ideal tool for the multiskilled engineers troubleshooting FTTN circuits.

ADSL2+/VDSL and Advanced Multiplay Testing

The FTB-635 enables service providers to certify and troubleshoot wideband copper, ADSL2+/VDSL2, 1 GigE and multiplay services, including live video preview, when deploying new-generation IP services over FTTN, FTTC and other hybrid networks.

Access Network Testing

On the strength of best-in-class specifications and four test wavelengths, the FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access OTDR is optimized for fiber-optic contractors and private network operators, enabling them to fully test and qualify any type of fiber network.

FTTH Testing

With a dynamic range of up to 39 dB and enabling power meter and visual fault locator functionalities, the FTB-730 PON FTTx/MDU OTDR module allows fiber installers to seamlessly characterize splitters in PON FTTx and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) applications.


Download the spec sheet for complete details.

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The FTB Ecosystem takes the performance and efficiency of a best-in-class technician, and extends it to thousands of others, through standardized methods and procedures, as well as easy back-office integration.

Last updated: 2014-07-02

Introducing the foundation of EXFO's FTB Ecosystem, the FTB line of portable test platforms. Sharing a common Windows-based architecture, built-in and third-party software tools, as well as multiple connectivity possibilities, each member brings its own specialty to frontline technicians, supertechs and network experts alike.

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Last updated: 2014-05-09

FTB-1 Platform

Specification Sheets

EXFO's FTB-1 Platform is a handheld modular platform optimized for fast, powerful, dedicated FTTH and Ethernet test applications.

Last updated: 2014-04-24

In any wireless antenna/cell site infrastructure deployment, the integrity of the physical link (often the optical fiber) remains critical. In this webinar you will learn about best practices in optical link testing. You will also learn about traditional OTDR testing and trace analysis, and about EXFO’s revolutionary iOLM application.

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NetBlazer Series
v2.2 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
Jul. 2014

Comprehensive and simple test suites for field technicians to easily turn-up, validate and troubleshoot DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH and Ethernet services up to 10 Gbit/s.

Download Area
Firmware Update
v2.0 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
Jul. 2014

Updates of the embedded components of EXFO's FTB platforms; it replaces the Embedded Software Updater.

Download Area
v2.5 SP3 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
Jun. 2014

EXFO’s OTDR software: Boosting productivity in the field.
Auto and Advanced Modes to streamline data acquisition in the field and report generation back at the office.

Download Area
Update Manager
v2.13 - Utilities See all versions
Jun. 2014

Software utility to add, update or remove product and service packs for EXFO's FTB and IQS platforms.

Download Area
EXpert IPTV Test Tools
v1.2 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

Powerful IPTV software-based analyzer designed for the FTB-1 and FTB-200 platforms.

Download Area
System Upgrade
v12.0 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

System software for EXFO's FTB platforms.

Download Area
v3.2 SP1 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

Delivers fast connector endface analysis, eliminating guesswork in the field and helping save time and money.

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EXpert VoIP Test Tools
v1.2 SP1 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

Generate a voice-over-IP call directly from a test platform to validate the performance during service turn-up and troubleshooting.

Download Area
Advanced WB Copper and DSL
v1.7 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

FTB-610 and FTB-635 test application software.

Download Area
v1.12 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

EXFO platform baseline software.

Download Area
v1.9 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

EXFO platform baseline shell environment.

Download Area
FTB-860 NetBlazer Series
v2.0 SP6 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

Simple test suites to quickly and easily turn-up, validate and troubleshoot Ethernet services with full EtherSAM capabilities, from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

Download Area
EXFO Connect Client
v4.5 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

Enables connection and data exchange with EXFO Connect Server.

Download Area
FastReporter 2
v2.7 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2014

Software solution for optical data post-processing: for managing test data and generating reports that integrate OTDR, iOLM, OLTS (loss and ORL), connector inspection, chromatic dispersion and PMD test results.

Download Area
Power Meter
v2.2 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
Mar. 2014

Platform power meter software.

Download Area
IP Tools
v1.1 SP1 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
Feb. 2013

Basic IP tools for your platform.

Download Area
EXpert IP Test Tools
v1.2 - Mini ToolBox 1 See all versions
May. 2012

Brings together six commonly used datacom test tools into one application.

Download Area