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Copper Test Set — MaxTester 610


Smarter verification of copper pairs and location of faults during the installation and repair of voice and DSL circuits.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • Focus on single-ended testing minimizes repair time and costs
  • Full suite of digital multimeter measurements to quickly and effectively determine the electrical health of the network
  • Optional TDR and RFL allow service providers to scale the product based on existing or new methods and procedures
  • SmartR features allow users to quickly and accurately determine physical copper circuit quality and locate faults
  • Designed to face the challenges of the outside plant environment with an IEC IP54 rating
  • Compatible with Teletech TS125 Remote Far-End Device (FED) for remote control circuit change.


The Perfect Tool for Copper I&R Testing

EXFO’s MaxTester 610 is designed for the installation and repair of voice and DSL circuits. Its small form factor, rugged design and easy-to-use menus make it the ideal tool for outside-plant I&R technicians. With the MaxTester 610, the testing process is highly automated, enabling technicians to close their jobs quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the large display of the MaxTester 610 makes it even more user-friendly, and when it comes to saving results, it provides technicians with many connectivity options for uploading tests and compiling reports.

The MaxTester 610 Joins Forces with SmartR™

The MaxTester 610 allows technicians and engineers alike to work smarter—not harder. SmartR is a suite of intelligent and automated tests that enable any technician to quickly and easily gain an understanding of the condition of the line under test, as well as to identify and locate a variety of common circuit faults.

The Pair Detective feature automatically runs the most common line tests and provides graphical, color-coded results and pass/fail indications to detect conditions, including shorts, grounds, opens, battery, splits and imbalances.

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MaxTester 610

Specification Sheets

The MaxTester 610 is designed for the installation and repair of voice and DSL circuits; the testing process is highly automated, enabling technicians to close their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Last updated: 2015-09-17

If not FTTH, what then ?

Application Notes

G.Fast is an opportunity to meet the high demand for speed while avoiding costly FTTH installations. To deploy G.Fast and FTTdp effectively and maximize your ROI, test methods of procedures must be established to ensure that the compliance and reliability of field jobs. Learn more in this app note.

Last updated: 2015-08-24

The MaxTester 600 and TS125 FED integrated solution can be used for manual, standalone tests or for complete automated test scripts in order to get the desired measurement results in the timeliest fashion.

Last updated: 2015-03-31

Resistive Fault Location (RFL) is a powerful measurement technique used to locate high resistive faults on voice and broadband cable pairs. A simplified and cost-effective solution for RFL and K-test measurements is to make use of the TS125 Far End Device (FED) to remotely change the state at the far end of the circuit. This speeds up the tests and cuts down on travel-related expenses. Coupled with the EXFO MaxTester 600 series, the TS125 FED changes the state of the line to perfectly match the RFL or K-test measurements.

Last updated: 2015-03-31


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May. 2015

Network testing capabilities expanded to include the following optional features: Web Browser, IPTV analysis, FTP transfer speed and traceroute.

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