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Wideband Copper Test Module — FTB-610


The easiest and smartest tool for advanced wideband copper troubleshooting of FTTN circuits.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • SmartR technology automatically identifies and locates common circuit faults using intuitive graphical displays and plain language
  • High-voltage isolation tests for long wire pairs and power span circuits
  • Advanced wideband noise tests to clearly understand the triple-play noise environment
  • Advanced wideband copper test module and built-in optical power meter and VFL—the ideal tool for multiskilled engineers troubleshooting FTTN circuits

The Perfect Tool for Wideband Copper Testing

EXFO’s FTB-610 Wideband Copper Tester, housed in the handheld FTB-1 modular platform, makes wideband copper circuit testing easy for today’s technicians through automatic analysis and location of broadband cable faults in a large, colorful, touchscreen graphical interface. This solution combines the optical options of the FTB-1 with an advanced copper test module to create a complete tool for troubleshooting FTTN circuits.

The FTB-610 delivers all the typical cable test tools for basic troubleshooting, such as a multimeter, balance, VF noise meter, locator and POTS dialer, TDR and RFL, as well as long-range fault finding and advanced signal and noise analysis. Featuring SmartR™ technology, it automatically analyzes test results, eliminating guesswork and enabling users to view, find and fix common cable faults. The FTB-1 platform’s large, seven-inch color touchscreen presents an intuitive graphical depiction of cable faults. The Windows-based architecture provides many connectivity options to capture and upload test results and reports on the spot, as well as to manage the test set in the field with on-board EXFO Connect.


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FTB-610 and FTB-635 test application software.

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