FTB Anywhere

Floating test licenses shared
by all your technicians
wherever, whenever.

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FTB OnDemand

Time-based software licenses covering a wide range of test functionalities.

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EXFO TFv, Test Function Virtualization


  • Allows carriers to maximize the ROI of their test equipment budget
  • Provides financial flexibility with spending options tailored to CAPEX and/or OPEX
  • Optimize test asset investments and ensure the timely availability of required test functionality
  • Enables carriers to gradually increase their test capabilities to match the rollout of new service offerings

EXFO TFv—Test Function Virtualization, the industry’s first suite of defined offerings that focuses on test function virtualization. EXFO TFv offers all the benefits of virtualization through the seamless enablement of test functions on any EXFO test asset, at any time. This suite is ideal for service providers who are looking to scale their testing requirements to their specific needs.

Under the EXFO TFv umbrella are FTB Anywhere floating licenses and the newly launched FTB OnDemand time-based software licenses.

Explore EXFO TFv

FTB Anywhere: Floating Test Licenses

FTB Anywhere is an EXFO Connect-enabled offering that allows FTB platform users to share floating test licenses and get the required functionality—anywhere, anytime. In short, the customer owns the software licenses and can share them between FTB platforms.

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FTB OnDemand: Time-Based Software Licenses

FTB OnDemand allows customers to activate time-based software licenses covering a wide range of test functionalities (e.g., 100G testing) to match their exact needs. FTB OnDemand is available for a number of best-in-class EXFO test modules, including the FTB-88100NGE, the FTBx-88200NGE, the FTB-8830NGE, the FTB-5240S-P/BP OSA and the NetBlazer V2 Series, including the FTB-870v2/880v2/870Q/880Q and FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE portable tester of speeds up to 100G.

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