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Fiber Inspection Probe — FIP-400


Rugged video inspection probe to detect dirty/damaged connectors with great precision.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • Easy back-panel connector inspection
  • Truly rugged and lightweight solution for the field
  • Ideal for all types of connectors: APC, UPC, MTP and more
  • Slim design for easy use in crowded patch panels


  • Patchcord inspection
  • Patch panel bulkhead inspection
  • Single-fiber connector inspection
  • Multifiber connector inspection

Zoom In on Clarity

It’s a known fact: optical network problems are often caused by dirty and/or damaged connectors. Using a fiber inspection probe to ensure that connectors/adapters are clean and exempt of any defect is where accurate testing starts.

Thanks to EXFO’s FIP-400 Fiber Inspection Probe, checking connectors and other fiber terminations for polish quality and cleanliness has never been easier. Benefit from the best optical resolution in the industry and see scratches and dirt particles as small as 1 µm. Also, use a USB converter to send image captures to a portable platform or a PC.

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Last updated: 2014-10-16

FIP-400 Fiber Inspection Probe

Specification Sheets

Rugged video inspection probe to detect dirty/damaged connectors with great precision.

Last updated: 2014-03-31

Everyone agrees that fiber inspection is critical, though it is still considered a complex and time consuming test process. See how EXFO is changing the game with the FIP-430B, its fully automated fiber inspection probe turning fiber inspection into a quick and simple one-step process.

Last updated: 2014-01-22


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Apr. 2015

Delivers fast connector endface analysis, eliminating guesswork in the field and helping save time and money.

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Fiber Inspection Probe
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Feb. 2010

FIP-400 Fiber Inspection Probe software for the FTB-400 Universal Test System.

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