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Simplifying Ethernet Testing for Today’s Network Reality
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Fronthaul to Backhaul Field Testing
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FTB-700G V2 Series

One field-optimized, powerful test solution


Industry’s smallest and most comprehensive fronthaul test solution

Leveraging the powerful and intelligent FTB-1 Pro handheld test platform, the FTB-700G V2 Series is an all-in-one test solution which combines connector endface inspection, fiber characterization testing, CPRI link validation, BBU emulation, RF spectrum analysis over CPRI and up to 10G Ethernet and SONET service validation, into a single module for unmatched operational efficiency.

The FTB-700G V2 integrates all testing functionalities required to effectively activate, validate, troubleshoot and maintain fixed and mobile networks including: centralized RAN (C-RAN), distributed antenna system (DAS), small cells, fiber-to-the-X (FTTx), fronthaul, backhaul and data center networks.

Technical information

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Key features

    Ultra-powerful processing backed by a quad‑core FTB platform with a Windows 10 IoT professional operating system providing access to unlimited third-party apps and devices


  • Dual-port testing up to 10G
  • iSAM ultra-simple multiservice service activation, based on the ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 6349 standards
  • Comprehensive testing for DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, CPRI, packet‑based Ethernet services and Ethernet interfaces up to 10 Gbit/s
  • iOptics—intelligent pluggable optics test application for fast validation of an optical device

  • iOLM-ready for one-touch multiple acquisitions, with clear go/no-go results presented in a straightforward visual format
  • 18 CWDM channels from single OTDR port for single-ended construction, in-service testing and troubleshooting through MUX/DEMUX/OADM

  • CPRI layer-2 link validation for BTS or RRH from 1.2G to 9.8G
  • OBSAI layer-2 link validation for BBU or RRH from 1.5G to 6.1G
  • BBU emulation enabling RF level validation of RRHs, RET status and control, and remote SFP identification

  • Real-time high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI


The ultra-portable choice for multiservice testing

Optical testing

Removing complexity from the OTDR

Using a unique and patented automated multipulse and multiwavelength acquisition approach, the field-proven iOLM surpasses the traditional OTDR and linear view, providing expert-level link characterization of any fiber network with unmatched intelligence and simplicity.

Multiservice testing

Powerful yet simple

The FTB-700G V2 Series is a fully integrated DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, CPRI and Ethernet services handheld tester with an 8-inch multitouch screen delivering unprecedented configuration simplicity. The FTB-700G V2 requires minimal to no training for new users thanks to its highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), streamlined procedures and predefined configurations.

BBU emulation

Speeds up cell-site commissioning

EXFO’s BBU emulation test application allows mobile cell technicians and contractors to ensure that cell sites are installed correctly the first time. Designed for simple one-click operation and with clear pass/fail results, the application makes it possible to isolate problems quickly, generate a complete test report, and create a birth certificate for the cell site.

Radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis over CPRI

Unmatched on the market

With EXFO’s OpticalRF™ application, dangerous and difficult climbs can be eliminated by providing access to RF signals through the digital CPRI link available at the BBU site. By accessing the IQ data at the BBU location, costs associated with truck rolls and tower climbs are reduced.

The FTB-700G V2—tackling today's mobile network challenges



FTB-700G V2 Series: unified to optimize operational efficiency

FTB-1 Pro, FTB 700g v2, FIP Wireless

FIP-400B Series: fiber inspection probes

  • 100% automated, one-step inspection process
  • Onboard connector endface analysis (IEC, IPC or custom standards
  • Removes any risk of false positives or misinterpretation of results
  • Standard wired (USB) or wireless (WiFi) models available for smartphones and tablets
  • Feature-rich ConnectorMax2 mobile application, compatible with WindowsTM, AndroidTM and iOSTM devices
  • Optimal digital image quality with three levels of magnification
iOLM Intelligent Optical Link Mapper
  • No training required: self-setting device
  • No trace misinterpretations thanks to a clear, schematic link view
  • Link-AwareTM delivers simple and accurate fiber-optic-link test results
  • Prompt diagnosis for quick and accurate identification of network issues
  • Available for all channels, including CWDM and DWDM

CPRI layer 2 link validation

  • Eliminates unnecessary tower climbs by testing the health of the remote radio head (RRH) from the bottom of the tower
  • Validates that the RRH is properly connected to prevent unnecessary replacement of equipment
  • Verifies that the right small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers are installed and connected correctly
CPRI Layer 2 Link Validation

BBU emulation

  • Simple one-click operation, with clear pass/fail results making it possible to isolate problems quickly and easily
  • Provides full emulation of the CPRI C&M and IQ data, where information like local SFP, remote SFP, antenna RET status and tilt, RSSI, and VSWR measurements, are identified and reported
  • Generates a complete test report, creating a birth certificate for the cell site
BBU Emulation
  • The most powerful RF interference solution on the market
  • Easy-to-use solution to quickly identify issues such as external RF interference, Internal PIM and External PIM
  • Provides technicians with the speed, granularity and clarity to get the job done right, the first time
  • Captures/replays RF spectrum with IQ recording capability
  • Allows multiple users to connect, collaborate and troubleshoot remotely from any smart device or laptop
Optical RF
iSAM Intelligent Service Activation Methodology
  • Significantly reduces the field technician’s learning curve for advanced Ethernet SLA validation while providing 100% first-time-right service activation
  • Seamlessly integrates layer 2/3 (ITU-T Y.1564) and TCP layer 4 (RFC 6349) into one complete solution
  • Built-in automatic detection and remote loop-up capabilities
  • SLA validation for Ethernet services in a one page, three-step approach
  • Includes preconfigured MEF 23.1-compliant performance thresholds
  • Maximizes the return on investment (ROI) of test equipment budgets
  • Provides financial flexibility, with spending options tailored to CAPEX and/or OPEX
  • Optimizes test-asset investments and ensures timely delivery of required test functionalities
  • Enables carriers to gradually increase their test capabilities to match the rollout of new service offerings
TestFlow Process Automation and Analytics
  • Ensures 100% compliance with operator-specific methods and procedures across all field teams
  • Reduces truck rolls and installation time with repeatable quality
  • Improves turnaround time in providing test results for job closeout
  • Audits test results in real time and analyzes process inefficiencies in order to optimize fixed and mobile network deployments

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