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EXFO Worx Ethernet/IP Service Assurance Solution
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Scalable, open platform test solution for validating bandwidth speed and monitoring network performance


Key features

  • Scalable, open platform: multipurpose solution ready to evolve as your network transforms with active assurance (L3–L7) and active testing capabilities including an extensive catalog of 140 tests
  • Simple to use, pocket-sized solution: quickly and accurately tests full line rate Gigabit Ethernet speeds
  • Carrier-grade quality: dedicated FPGA-powered hardware in a rugged, battery-operated solution with repeatable and extremely reliable test metrics
  • Untethered testing experience: technicians get extended battery life and escape the confines of harsh testing environments by connecting to their Android device using Bluetooth® low energy technology
  • Efficient job close-out: automated report generation (PDF or CSV files uploaded by email or shared using EXFO Connect client service)
  • Ideal companion for your activation tool kit: combine with an optical power meter, fiber inspection probe (FIP) or copper/DSL tester to cover turn up of all essential FTTx or business services

Technical information

Simple. Multipurpose. Carrier-grade. Open.

Get your hands on the first pocket-sized test solution that evolves with your network, from validating bandwidth speed to monitoring residential and business customers’ quality of experience (QoE).

Scalable, open platform ready for your network evolution.

Multipurpose solution ready for full service lifecycle testing with continuous end-to-end performance monitoring that identifies trends, monitors degradation and provides visibility over long-term performance—key to delivering consistent subscriber QoE throughout your transition to virtual networks.

Speed promised. Speed delivered. 

Measure your subscribers’ real-life throughput up to full line rate Gigabit Ethernet by using the same method they do (Speedtest® by Ookla®) while removing the effect of their home hardware or installation setup. Quickly and easily generate a birth certificate demonstrating that speeds ordered are speeds delivered—starting from service activation.

Faster root-cause analysis for in-service monitoring and troubleshooting.

Rapidly and simply locate the source of QoE issues and determine whether they originate from the service provider's network infrastructure or from the customer’s home installation (e.g. in-house wiring, WiFi router or hardware.).

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