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The True Value of Connector Inspection: New Challenges and Best Practices

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With data rates now reaching 40G in data centers and up to 100G in outside-plant installations, today’s fiber architectures must contend with very tight tolerances. With such high data rates, users must ensure that optimal performance can be achieved by every network component—including the transmission equipment and the in-between links.

Industry experts started foreseeing the “data rate explosion” trend 25 years ago, which is why fiber has since been the preferred transmission medium, as it imposes no bandwidth limitations. Fiber connection points, though very flexible, can however become the weak spot of any fiber network. For instance, the simple mishandling of a connector may dramatically affect the network’s performance.

Accordingly, this webinar focuses on specific aspects of connector endface inspection, as well as on IEC/IPC-compliant criteria for automated endface analysis. Attendees will learn the basics of endface inspection and understand the importance of good fiber-handling practices. Problems often found in the field will be discussed, along with possible causes and solutions.