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Fiber-Optic Cabling Technological Advancements

Webinars (videos)

In order to support the vast capabilities of optical networking, layer-one fiber-optic cabling systems have had to advance technologically. That technological advancement can manifest in a number of ways, including: increased capabilities that are transparent to installers and users; physical changes to systems and components; new procedures for deploying fiber systems; or new tools for optimum performance. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, examines a few of the technological advancements that have been made in the realm of fiber-optic cabling infrastructure design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

Last updated: 2017-05-24

Why C-RAN deployments will give you more headaches than D-RAN

Webinars (videos)

On the road to 5G, centralized radio access network (C-RAN) architecture is a key stepping stone. C-RAN is the next logical evolution in fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) networks, or distributed RAN (D-RAN), and involves centralizing several baseband units (BBUs) in a location away from the towers and antennas, rather than collocating BBUs with the remote radio head (RRH) on the antenna site.

Last updated: 2017-04-20

Webinar: Defining Virtualization to Power your Network Transformation

Webinars (videos)
Virtualization brings with it so many promises, changes and so much uncertainty. Will smarter networks actually deliver?

Network transformation is imperative if you’re planning to be  part of the massive digital transformation sweeping the industry. However, your transformations can’t negatively impact customers, despite the new level of complexity brought on by the virtualization and abstraction technologies required to meet the explosive demand for new, tailored services. Your extensive network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) investments must improve your bottom line, competitiveness and service quality. But how can you be sure that such investments will actually deliver on all the promises and improve the quality of experience for your subscribers?

Join us for this webinar and  we’ll help you find the answers to these questions.    

Last updated: 2017-04-18

Data Post-Processing iOLM files using FastReporter2

Webinars (videos)

This one-hour seminar provides a detailed overview on how to use our powerful data post-processing software, FastReporter 2, combined with our iOLM testing capabilities.The seminar covers software configurations, critical test parameters and requirements as well as actual test reporting procedures.

Last updated: 2017-04-12

Manufacture without constraints: Automation and switching (Lightwave)

Webinars (videos)

Join us for Part 1 of a two-part series designed for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) tackling the challenges faced in delivering innovative solutions in the rapidly changing manufacturing environment.  

Solutions for the following will be explored:

  • Changing landscape of transceiver technology, including CFP4, QSFP+/QSFP28
  • Advanced OTN testing 
  • Scaling production capacityReconfiguring manufacturing stations


Last updated: 2017-04-12

FTTx: C-RAN, Fronthaul and Remote Radio Heads (RCR Wireless)

Webinars (videos)

Fiber will enable next-generation networks, smart cities and the internet of things. Fiber to the tower has already separated radio heads and antennas from base station equipment, and now that same architecture is being leveraged for centralized radio access networks, or C-RAN. Telcos with significant fiber assets are well positioned, and are working with public and private sector partners to bring the benefits of fiber networks to as many people as possible. As operators explore cost-efficient ways to create and manage fiber-based networks, they are developing best practices that can benefit the telecom and wireless industries. 


  • Martha DeGrasse, Editor, RCR Wireless News
  • Jake MacLeod, Founder and President, Gray Beards Consulting
  • Kashif Hussain, GTM Leader, Wireless Mobility, Viavi Solutions
  • Wes Oxlee, Director, CommScope Connectivity Solutions - Business Development
  • Marquis Dorais, Fronthaul Product Line Manager at EXFO


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Last updated: 2017-04-10

Test your way to NB-IoT success

Webinars (videos)

The ratification of the 3GPP R13 specifications last year was like the firing of a starting pistol,  kicking off the race to deploy NB-IoT networks. NEMs are racing against the clock to support the many changes mandated by these specifications.  For their part, MNOs are announcing aggressive schedules to launch their NB-IoT networks and time to market pressures are intense. However, quality and reliability cannot be compromised. Ensuring a successful launch under these conditions requires rigorous and comprehensive testing in a time & cost-effective manner. Not only do compliance, functionality and inter-working need to be verified, but also the ability to handle the load and traffic patterns that can be expected in a live network with several million IoT devices.


This webinar will delve deeply into what it takes to test IoT network elements and networks in order to get them ready for launch. Whether you are interested in conducting end-to-end testing of the network or isolating certain specific elements for testing, such as the eNodeB, MME, SGW or SCEF, for example, you will gain new insights based on our extensive  3GPP technology testing experience.

Last updated: 2017-04-04

How to mitigate costly network failures and reduce MTTR by combining proactive network monitoring with geospatial technology

Webinars (videos)

We are in a world where real-time data and intelligence are critical for dealing with network performance issues that can lead to catastrophic failures in your optical fiber network. Proactive network monitoring and rapid response capabilities allow communications service providers (CSPs) to reduce MTTR and maintain SLAs.

Participate in our webinar to learn how EXFO and Ubisense joined forces to integrate optical fiber testing and monitoring with geomobility technology that connects GIS design and asset data with real-time status information, transforming next-generation network management and operations.

Last updated: 2017-03-24

Fiber Optic Technologies and Practices

Webinars (videos)

Optical fiber is being driven deeper into networks of many types. As more of a network becomes fiber-based, the specification and administration of the network’s optical technology takes on increasing importance and scale. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, examines optical-fiber administration from multiple perspectives.

Last updated: 2017-03-15

Fiber to the Most Economical Point: and FTTdp (IHS Markit)

Webinars (videos)


While operators deploy fiber deeper into their networks, new innovations in are enabling more competitive broadband speeds on existing copper plants. Thus, in certain geographical areas with robust copper networks, operators are increasingly searching for ways to allay the cost of going fiber all the way to the home. This is because fiber, although obvious as a future-proof solution, sometimes is simply not economical to deploy to households. This webinar explores new innovations in and fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp) that enable next-generation bandwidth coupled with a fiber-deep solution, as well as strategies for delivering next-generation bandwidth to consumers without committing to a full fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) installation.

Last updated: 2017-01-31