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DSL Multiload Attenuator

DSL Multiload Attenuator

The Must-Have Accessory to Enhance Your xDSL Test Solution

The DSL Multiload Attenuator enables several money-saving, practical applications: ADSL2+ port performance verification at the CO/exchange or remote DSLAM upon provisioning, surveillance and recovery of DSL ports previously decommissioned, DSLAM port isolation and verification during troubleshooting, and even faulty cable span replacement to verify DSL rate and reach. In each case, it quickly helps isolate the DSL port as a source of trouble, thus reducing repeats and getting to the real problem faster.

Used in combination with EXFO ADSL test sets, the DSL Multiload Attenuator can help reduce CO/exchange dispatches by up to 10% per year, per exchange.

  • Positively clears ADSL 2/2+ ports “in”, with ADSL capabilities and purpose-built DSL multiload attenuator designed from customer feedback
  • Automatically tests subscriber cables “out”, for ADSL 2/2+ specific issues
  • Automatically identifies high-frequency crosstalk that impacts ADSL 2/2+
  • Easy enough for frame technicians to use with minimal training, as shown in trial