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On the production floor, time is money. You need fast, cost-effective test instruments that maximize your production throughput. The IQS-2600B and FLS-2600B Tunable Laser Sources are ideal for complete characterization of fiber-optic filters, multiplexers and other dense WDM components. They are the logical choice for instrumentation calibration and for measuring wavelength-dependent gain, noise contribution and the saturation properties of EDFAs.


  • Ideal for complete characterization (IL, ORL and PDL) of DWDM passive components.
  • Naturally low spontaneous emission enabling >75 dB dynamic range.
  • Tuning range of >100 nm covering both the C and L bands: wavelength tuning from 1510 nm to 1612 nm, output power is 0 dBm over the 1515 nm to 1610 nm range. 
  • Excellent wavelength accuracy and repeatability.
  • Elimination of connector-induced and other parasitic interference: no mode-hop related measurement problems.
  • Available as a module or benchtop instrument, the 2600B is perfect for just about any application.


Greater Than 100 nm Tuning Range

This second-generation tunable erbium-doped fiber laser delivers exacting wavelength accuracy for long periods of use. Wavelength can now be tuned over a wide range—1510 nm to 1612 nm. Output power is greater than 0 dBm over the critical 1515 nm to 1610 nm range as shown on the right.

Designed Around Your Testing Needs

The tunable laser source integrates both a monitor output port and a main output port. The monitor port, which is essentially a 5 % tap from the laser cavity, is useful for real-time wavelength monitoring in tests where optimum wavelength accuracy plays a major role. In addition, the main output is regulated in output power and can be attenuated over a 10 dB range.

The triggering capability simplifies external synchronization with other instruments such as optical spectrum analyzers, power meters or simple oscilloscopes. All this in a two- slot plug-in module. The modular IQS-2600B configuration operates within the IQS test platform.


Low Spontaneous Noise Emission

Over the 1515 nm to 1610 nm range, the IQS-2600B and FLS-2600B provide more than 75 dB local noise suppression and more than 45 dB in signal-to-total-noise ratio, making them ideal for testing both stopband (notch) and passband filters.

When combined with the source’s coherence properties, they are the best tunable lasers on the market for characterizing passive DWDM components.

Fast GPIB and Wavelength Tuning

Maximize your efficiency by taking advantage of both fast tuning and effective remote control with the FLS-2600B stand-alone configuration. Use the GPIB access to complete a 50 pm step setup, including laser position confirmation,in about 60 ms. You will have more time for measurements, while reducing time spent on wavelength tuning.