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IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Testing


To deliver innovative services such as voice over LTE (VoLTE), rich communications services (RCS) and web real-time communication (WebRTC), fixed and mobile network operators and service providers must deploy the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network, a centralized service core network.

However, IMS deployment is often hampered by high costs and delays. The main reasons are invariably due to excessive failures discovered late in the deployment cycle or in the deployed live network testing.

These service failures are often triggered by interworking issues between different devices in the IMS network, or unanticipated failures when the IMS network is delivering services to hundreds and thousands of users under high load conditions, which are avoidable with proper pre-deployment tests done in the lab.

EXFO’s QualityAssurer is an IP multimedia subsystem load-testing simulator used in labs to verify that the IMS network, devices and services are delivering expected performance prior to deployment.

The QualityAssurer’s ready-to-go and comprehensive set of advanced high-capacity and high-performance load-testing capabilities, combined with easy-to-use features, helps ensure timely identification of potential failures. This enables customers to deploy the IMS network, devices and innovative services in live networks with the highest levels of service quality and customer satisfaction and faster time to market. In the end, lab testing with QualityAssurer means lower costs to deploy and maintain IMS networks.

Our Solution

  • Tests advanced end-to-end next-generation services such as VoIP, IPX, VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC
  • Characterizes the performance of network devices, such as A-SBC, I-SBC, E-SBC, P-CSCF,I-CSCF, S-CSCF, MGW, SCC-AS, TAS, HSS, DRA, PCRF and more
  • Supports both legacy devices/networks and those based on NFV architectures
  • 10 million VoLTE/SRVCC or WebRTC subscribers with 1.28 million concurrent RTP/SRTP streams per test system
  • Emulates IMS devices and protocols to replace any or all expensive real devices during lab testing

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