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BV-110 Verifier


The essential quality-of-experience monitoring tool that provides the visibility and details network administrators need to quickly and easily troubleshoot performance issues.

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Fonctions clés

  • Real-time performance measurement of IP and Ethernet services
  • End-to-end service testing
  • Network-to-application layer testing
  • True multiplay capability to simultaneously assure data, voice, video and mobile services
  • Advanced reflector and loopback capabilities
  • Extensive QoE monitoring
  • Operational simplicity for lights-out management
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Flexible, worldwide time-synchronization options
  • Extended temperature range support

Critical Component of End-to-End Service Testing

The BV-110 Verifier is a critical component of the BrixWorx end-to-end service testing approach. It delivers the essential end-user QoE monitoring as well as the visibility and detail network administrators need to easily troubleshoot performance problems and identify their root causes.

The BV-110 enables simultaneous end-user-to-end-user as well as end-user-to-core testing for effective SLA verification and QoE monitoring. By deploying the BV-110 Verifier at key locations in the network (i.e., customer premises and cell sites), network administrators can effectively segment and obtain the visibility they need of the enterprise, access, core and backhaul networks.

Tests can be performed on any other Brix Verifier or on third-party equipment (e.g., aggregation or core routers) using industry standards, such as 802.1ag, Y.1731 or TWAMP for transport monitoring. With this vendor-agnostic approach, the BV-110 works seamlessly in heterogeneous network environments. It also leverages operators’ existing equipment to reduce CAPEX and maximize operational efficiency.

Positioned at the very edge of the network, the BV-110 monitors quality of not only transport, but also applications and infrastructure services, such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP and e-mail. This provides carriers with the tools and data they need to quickly resolve problems and reduce mean-time-to-repair, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.

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BV-110 Verifier

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The BV-110 Verifier is an essential quality of experience (QoE) monitoring tool that provides the visibility and details network administrators need to quickly and easily troubleshoot performance issues.

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