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LTE, DAS and Small Cell Field Testing best practices

Webinars (videos)

As mobile networks become more heterogeneous in order to support ever-increasing indoor and outdoor capacity needs, testing must take into consideration operators' infrastructure choices. In advanced wireless networks, that can include LTE macro sites, indoor or outdoor small cells, and distributed antenna systems (iDAS or oDAS) to suit the capacity and cost needs of the network at a particular site.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-11-07

Optics Fundamentals: The Light Within – Part 2

Webinars (videos)

Join us as we take a non-conventional approach to exploring the telecom optical fiber. By using analogies and demos to create knowledge building blocks, this webinar explores further how light propagates. Anyone who wants to better understand the wide range of real-world optics applications can benefit from this webinar.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-10-28

Myth Busters (Webinar in German)

Webinars (videos)

Myth Busters: Alles was Sie über Prüfung und Reinigung von Steckverbindern wissen müssen

Ist Faserprüfung wirklich so wichtig? Lohnt sich der Zeitaufwand? Wird die Reinigung der Steckverbinder nicht doch überbewertet? Vielleicht haben Sie sich diese Fragen selbst schon einmal gestellt oder gehört, wie sich Ihre Teamkollegen darüber unterhalten haben. Und vielleicht wird es Sie überraschen, dass ein großer Prozentsatz der Probleme in Ihrem Netzwerk tatsächlich durch verunreinigte Steckverbinder entstanden sind. Wenn Sie mehr über die Prüfung und Reinigung von Steckverbindern erfahren möchten und auch Ihre Servicetechniker oder Kollegen von den Vorteilen dieser Methoden überzeugen möchten, dann ist dieses Webinar genau das, wonach Sie suchen.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-10-24

How to Mitigate xDSL Noise

Webinars (videos)

DSL services are more sensitive to interference than traditional phone services. High frequency (or wideband) noise can cause IPTV to tile or freeze and web access to be slow or intermittent. These situations require effective noise source mitigation. 

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-10-16

TCP Performance Testing and Our Approach (with Live Demo)

Webinars (videos)

With more and more subscribers and the growing data load on packet networks, service providers have to cope with heightened performance pressure. Loss and latencies are daily occurrences but the impact of these network events has very different effects on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic as compared to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) traffic. Contrarily to UDP, TCP performance is greatly impacted by loss and latency as well as incorrect configurations. This is why service providers have to struggle to effectively and correctly troubleshoot TCP performance issues or qualify TCP performance at activation.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-10-15

Deployment strategies for 40G/100G coherent networks: trade-offs and impacts

Webinars (videos)

When deploying 40G/100G technologies, service providers must choose whether the new wavelengths will be deployed over an existing network and traffic (brownfield deployments) or over unused, new fibers (greenfield deployments). This choice usually depends on the context, type of network (metro, long-haul, etc.), capacity requirements and so forth. But more importantly, each approach has its pros and cons, and specific set of challenges. 

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-10-07

The Evolution of Service Assurance (RCR Wireless)

Webinars (videos)

Service assurance has been an ongoing struggle for wireless carriers as they look to balance their spectrum and network assets with growing consumer demand. Advances in software have become the latest tools use by mobile operators, including the move towards virtualization in order to become more agile in handling service assurance demands. This webinar will look to provide insight into the companies providing such software support and how operators are tapping into that help to better manage their networks and services delivered to customers.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-09-22

HetNet Series: Small Cells and Wi-Fi (Spanish by TeleSemana)

Webinars (videos)

Operators are looking at the deployment of small cells and Wi-Fi hotspots in dense urban areas as means to deal with congestion. However, an urban area presents many deployment challenges for this new infrastructure and thus operators will face very different scenarios and many times the experience in one neighborhood may not help to deploy the infrastructure in the next one.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-09-16


Webinars (videos)

In this 15-minute video, Francis Audet, Advisor, CTO Office, will review the basic fundamentals of DWDM transmission in clear and simple terms with the aid of a whiteboard. Find out everything you need to know about DWDM transmission, including the key parameters that must be measured and monitored to guarantee seamless transmissions.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-08-21

Shedding Light into NFV Performance

Webinars (videos)

The general consensus is that network functions virtualization (NFV) will reduce operational and capital expenditures (OPEX and CAPEX) by leveraging commodity hardware and induce operational efficiency by providing flexible and automated service delivery leading to faster time to market. This will not come without major challenges in terms of availability, reliability and performance but most importantly it will bring about a paradigm shift of monitoring individual or small groups of network elements and resources to systematic end-to-end service and resource monitoring.

Dernière mise à jour : 2014-08-19