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EXFO Mobile Agent

EXFO Mobile Agent


EXFO Mobile Agent (EMA) takes the functionality of our powerful Verifier series of service assurance probes to the next level with an over-the-top (OTT) application for smart devices (smartphones, tablets etc.). The EXFO Mobile Agent application provides Manual and Automatic (Remote Control) validation modes for 24/7 monitoring of voice and data services across wireless networks. Aided by zero-touch provisioning to support large-scale deployments, EXFO Mobile Agent collects service-experience data from end-user devices to help analyze quality of service (QoS). Network segmentation analysis in conjunction with EXFO Verifiers provides per-segment service-quality views, yielding fast drill-downs to the root cause of performance degradations. Results are automatically uploaded to the EXFO Worx central server for storage, aggregation, correlation and presentation. Aided by powerful dashboard analytics, customers gain visibility of both current and historic network performance with service level visibility all the way to individual devices, cell-sites, drive routes and regions.


1. Management of end-user quality of experience (QoE) using zero-touch, automated 24/7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting.

2. Wireless services deployment assurance using 24/7 monitoring, segmentation and troubleshooting.

3. Dashboard analytics with heat maps for large-scale assurance of devices, network elements and QoS of deployed services.


Wireless operators are constantly trying to differentiate themselves from their competition by rolling out new services for smart devices, hoping to capture a continuously larger share of the services market and consequently making a positive impact on their bottom lines. Achieving this goal means that operators are perpetually evaluating deployed services and the impact QoS has on end-user usage patterns. EXFO Mobile Agent aids in the evaluation of deployed voice and data services right down to the performance of end-user devices. Zero-touch provisioning means minimal intervention once the application is installed. Using completely automated active tests scheduled from a remote EXFO Worx server, EXFO Mobile Agent continuously tests and reports results for QoS parameters deployed in the network. With many EXFO Mobile Agents deployed across an entire country, data obtained is thoroughly analyzed by the agent’s analytics engine to highlight specific problem areas, services or devices. Remote troubleshooting on specific end-user devices can be done through EXFO Worx (with customer consent) as well as