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Analysis Software — ConnectorMax


ConnectorMax delivers clear-cut pass/fail verdicts, eliminating guesswork in the field and helping you save time and money.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • Automatic pass/fail analysis in the portable FTB-1, FTB-200 and FTB-500 platforms
  • Lightning-fast: results in a few seconds through simple one-touch operation
  • Full test reports for future referencing
  • Compatible with EXFO’s FIP-400 series probes


  • Connector inspection and certification
  • Network troubleshooting
  • IEC/IPC-compliant network acceptance testing

Out with Guesswork, In with Time and Money Savings

Delivering fast pass/fail assessment of connector endfaces, EXFO’s ConnectorMax Analysis Software is designed to save both time and money in the field. The industry’s first platform-based, automated inspection application, ConnectorMax eliminates guesswork, instead providing clear-cut connector endface analysis.

ConnectorMax enables field technicians to analyze defects and scratches and measure their impact on connector performance. Results are then compared against pre-programmed IEC/IPC standards or user-defined criteria, leading to accurate pass/fail verdicts established right on-site.

ConnectorMax therefore helps avoid two time- and money-consuming situations: undetected connector defects that force technicians to later return to the site, and unnecessary replacement of connectors whose slight defects are not enough to get a “fail” verdict.

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Delivers fast connector endface analysis, eliminating guesswork in the field and helping save time and money.

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