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By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Copper/xDSL Testing | Posted date: 2014-08-21 | Views: 27

Webinar of the Week Blog Series | 10,000 hours. That’s the number of hours of practice you need to become an expert at what you do. Same rule applies to the telecom technician to reach that skill level. However, with telecom technologies continually evolving at a faster pace, putting that much time into anything becomes challenging. Let alone simply keeping up.

By: Nisar Sanadi | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2014-08-15 | Views: 149

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology is the future of wireless happening right now. However, LTE comes with its own set of challenges. LTE networks have to coexist seamlessly with legacy networks. They are “all-IP” and inherently more vulnerable to security attacks.  Meanwhile mobile data consumption continues on its exponential growth curve. That’s why before going live, LTE networks must be thoroughly tested for interoperability, security and performance under live network conditions.

By: Nisar Sanadi | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2014-08-12 | Views: 147

Webinar of the Week Blog Series | Mobile data has been growing rapidly over the past few years, but the biggest growth is yet to come. With mobile data traffic set to explode in the not-so-distant future, the industry’s reaction to the rising wave of growth has been to upgrade networks for increased wireless bandwidth. The downside to this strategy is that as mobile data traffic continues to increase, the upgrading costs associated with deploying and maintaining networks will outpace revenues.

By: | Category: Ethernet | Posted date: 2014-08-08 | Views: 182

Multiservice networks are getting more and more complex, with new technologies constantly emerging as networks evolve. Due to the increasing sophistication of these networks, effective management capabilities are becoming more and more critical to detecting service performance degradation and ensuring network reliability. And although the concept of Ethernet operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) is not new, ongoing developments and advancements have made it essential to guaranteeing customer service-level agreements (SLAs), especially in the advent of carrier-grade Ethernet, and most notably Carrier Ethernet 2.0.

By: Uday Parida | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2014-07-30 | Views: 242

The wireless world is undergoing a major mutation. Driven by the increasing numbers of connected devices, mobile traffic data is growing exponentially and will reach epic levels within the next five years.

By: Jimmy Gagnon | Category: FTTx | Posted date: 2014-07-25 | Views: 192

Webinar of the Week Blog Series | Following the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) trend to deliver more bandwidth to consumers, a new technology is emerging that promises to provide more bandwidth and more services to enterprises while future-proofing their networks. Passive Optical LAN (POL) services are slowly changing the way local area networks are designed, but still remain unfamiliar to most. With this in mind, EXFO recently collaborated with 3M and came up with a webinar that provides an in-depth take on this technology.

By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Network Monitoring | Posted date: 2014-07-22 | Views: 598

The telecoms industry is shifting towards the virtualization of network functions. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is the term used for this new way of designing, deploying and managing networking services. NFV basically decouples network functions such as network address translation, firewalls, intrusion detection, domain name service, caching, etc., from the physical infrastructure. The appeal for service providers is in the massive induced savings in operating costs.

By: Nisar Sanadi | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2014-07-18 | Views: 410

Mobile data traffic is booming. Big time. In 2013 alone, global mobile traffic grew by a whopping 81%. And that’s only a warm-up.

By: Olivier Tremblay-Lavoie | Category: Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2014-07-14 | Views: 1285

Webinar of the Week Blog Series | We’re all  attuned to the latest trends and innovations in the market. But it never hurts to go back to basics and refresh our understanding of what makes the inner workings of our industry truly tick: the optical fiber. Watch this refreshing and pragmatic webinar on light propagation, lightwave structure, optical phenomena—and real-world applications that bring optical fiber closer to home.

By: Katherine Toh | Category: Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2014-07-10 | Views: 340

On July 1, 2014, EXFO’s joint event with Digital Instruments came to a triumphant close with over 250 attendees. Delegates were seen streaming out of the seminar. Some were chatting excitedly about all they had seen and heard, while others seemed to be adrift in imagination as they pondered on the latest innovations.