25+ Years of Steady Growth

Since its foundation in 1985, EXFO has seen its market share grow at a steadfast pace.

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Portable optical testing


Who we are, and what we do

EXFO is a leading provider of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and equipment manufacturers in the global telecom industry. The company offers innovative solutions for the development, installation, management and maintenance of converged, IP fixed and mobile networks. EXFO has a staff of approximately 1500 people in 25 countries, supporting more than 2000 telecom customers worldwide.

Our wealth of innovative test and service assurance solutions, combined with unmatched customer support, should enable network operators and equipment manufacturers to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs in fiscal 2014.

Germain Lamonde
Founder, President and CEO


Germain Lamonde - EXFO's CEO

Our domains of expertise