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Addressing today, working toward tomorrow

Today, network operators are focusing on bandwidth expansion and the move toward IP fixed-mobile convergence, to open a world of  “tomorrow” possibilities—wireline applications running at rates reaching 100 Gbit/s, and high-speed multiplay services seamlessly delivered on 4G/LTE architectures. These trends are also the basis of our innovation efforts, as EXFO has always put a strong emphasis on meeting and anticipating market needs.

Now more than ever, choosing EXFO means partnering with a test and service assurance provider that is aware of what is, and what’s coming.



Today’s bandwidth-hungry applications are driving the need to fast-track 40G/100G upgrades and 3G/4G deployment—our kind of innovation.

Stephen Bull
Vice-President of R&D

EXFO worldwide
Stephen Bull - VP of EXFO's R&D

Innovation, year in, year out


approximately 20% of revenues invested in R&D


of staff dedicated to R&D

Ever since the company’s inception, innovation has been in the very fabric of EXFO’s DNA. In fact, approximately 20% of our gross revenues and 40% of our staff are dedicated to R&D, and new products generate approximately 40% of our annual revenues.

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