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By: Jean-Marie Vilain | Category: LTE/3G/4G, Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2016-07-19 | Views: 436

Data centers all around the planet are evolving fast to meet the ever-growing demand for bandwidth. The move to fiber is happening within and between data centers (data center interconnect or DCI). With fiber-based infrastructure, comes a whole host of new technologies such as 100G+ optical transceivers.

By: Jean-Sébastien Tassé | Category: Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2016-07-14 | Views: 651

Dispersion can cause everything from sporadic errors to systematic failures—unless you can find and take it out first.

By: Sylvain Cornay | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2016-07-12 | Views: 856

According to the latest TM Forum Quick Insights reportQuality Customer Experiences: Managing Challenges, Maximizing Opportunities, mobile customers say that quality of service and experience (QoS/QoE) are major factors when deciding whether to leave an operator.

By: | Category: Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2016-07-07 | Views: 472

It’s a light-speed marathon with no finish line in sight: communications service providers (CSPs) and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are racing to keep up with increasingly complex technology and explosive growth in data communications.

By: Sylvain Cornay | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2016-07-04 | Views: 573

The move to IP backhaul has drastically changed how operations-support-systems (OSS) engineering teams resolve service degradation. Although IP provides more flexibility in the backhaul, there is no longer a dedicated path to find and resolve encountered problems. Packets might use different routes. Degradations in IP traffic can happen through jitter, packet loss, or delay. All of this can have a direct impact on user experience.

By: | Category: Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2016-06-29 | Views: 565

Operators are currently transforming their optical transmissions and upgrading equipment to higher-speed wavelengths (such as 40G and 100G), using wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) to transport SONET/SDH, OTN and Ethernet network traffic.

By: Sylvain Cornay | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2016-06-28 | Views: 687

As global consumption of telecommunications services, need for bandwidth, and increasing competition from over-the-top (OTT) players continue to skyrocket, communications service providers (CSPs) are facing mounted pressure to keep a stronghold on their subscribers—and revenues.

By: Jean-Sébastien Tassé | Category: Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2016-06-23 | Views: 684

It is well-known that PMD is an important type of dispersion (the other one being chromatic dispersion) that distorts signals by increasing their duration, and that it can lead to bit errors in extreme cases. Therefore, PMD limits how fast and how far a signal can travel.

By: Sylvain Cornay | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2016-06-21 | Views: 743

Beyond setting aside funding, operators need to know in what precise areas of their network infrastructure they should invest in. Operators need to gain deep insight into all of their network’s health indicators to make wise choices about where to invest.

By: Sylvain Cornay | Category: Ethernet | Posted date: 2016-06-16 | Views: 929

One of our customers recently acquired the assets of another telecom company in order to reach new business levels, accelerate its growth, and create one of the largest business service providers in the world. Because of its long lasting relationship with the acquired company, EXFO has been instrumental in its success by delivering Ethernet service activation and troubleshooting solutions.