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By: Nandan Naik | Category: Network Monitoring | Posted date: 2015-03-30 | Views: 143

Many operators are in the process of evaluating and/or deploying VoLTE as this IP-based service promises to leverage the greater capacity of LTE to deliver high-quality voice and video conferencing, among other services. Voice and SMS services may be considered the cavemen of mobile applications by some, but they still represent cash cows for operators. That’s why it’s critical that the deployment of this long awaited technology is not impacted by poor quality of service (QoS) which would jeopardize the revenue-generating power of high-definition voice.   

By: Jean-Sébastien Tassé | Category: 40G/100G, Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2015-03-27 | Views: 153

Despite advances in modulation formats and equipment management systems offered with monitoring tools, faults, issues, delays and errors still occur all too frequently in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks. When this happens, the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) is a tool of choice for identifying the issue, and helping to fix it.

By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Event | Posted date: 2015-03-26 | Views: 137

This year again, I had the chance to attend Lightwave’s breakfast meeting at OFC. Tim Hermes was on-site to inform us that Lightwave magazine is evolving, all for the better of course. 

By: Nisar Sanadi | Category: LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2015-03-19 | Views: 2000

Webinar of the Week Blog Series | VoLTE has been in the news a lot lately, but not for the right reasons. The headlines have been dominated by stories of repeated delays in tier-1 operators’ VoLTE launches. But how could this possibly be? Based on our interactions with tier-1 mobile network operators (MNOs) and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), we have come to the conclusion that the industry is hugely underestimating the complexity involved in deploying VoLTE services.

By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Network Monitoring | Posted date: 2015-03-17 | Views: 2037

Tony Poulos, on behalf of TelecomAsia, recently interviewed EXFO CEO Germain Lamonde about how assuring processes for the delivery of new services like VoLTE is critical in delivering quality of experience. 

By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Event, LTE/3G/4G | Posted date: 2015-03-13 | Views: 1993

Mobile World Congress is now behind us, but we wanted to share two more videos that took place during the event: one is an interview with Germain Lamonde by RCR Wireless and the other is a quick chat with Danila Curotto of Convergencia Latina.

By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Event | Posted date: 2015-03-04 | Views: 2181

With NFV, cloud and small cells being the center of attraction at this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress, I took advantage of Light Reading Editor-in-chief Ray Le Maistre's visit to one of our wine events to have a “light” chat around some of his takeaways from the show. As per his recent post entitled “The Three Cs of MWC15”, he provided me with more insights about the event, but this time, using a different acronym.

By: Marie-Anne Grondin | Category: Event | Posted date: 2015-03-03 | Views: 2202

According to GSMA, this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress will make history once again with a record-breaking attendance of 90,000 registrants. EXFO is once more very much noticeable with an imposing booth and a presence on the cover of today’s Mobile World Daily.

By: Olivier Plomteux | Category: Network Monitoring, Optical/Fiber Testing | Posted date: 2015-02-26 | Views: 2305

Hear firsthand from open-access provider F6 Networks about the impact the EXFO Fiber Guardian unit had on reducing fiber fault location from hours to minutes, in turn keeping customers informed and reducing OPEX with less truck rolls when they suffered a fiber cut in a remote location after the Maritimes were hit by tropical storm Arthur in July 2014.

By: Jean-Sébastien Tassé | Category: 40G/100G | Posted date: 2015-02-20 | Views: 2163

When it comes to deploying high-speed 40 Gbit/s or 100 Gbit/s technologies, today’s operators must choose which type of architecture will support the new wavelengths. Will they opt for a “brownfield” deployment, which uses an existing network, or a “greenfield” deployment, which employs new or unused fibers?